About Mycocoirs

Down here at the facility of Myco Coirs, we have developed a top tier pasteurized substrate for Mycologists alike. Our premium pasteurized organic coco coir based substrate, is hands down one of the best in the west. We use the finest ingredients in the industry; coco coir, earthworm castings, vermiculite, humus, gypsum, magnesium, and two secret ingredients developed especially for us!

Do you like fresh pasteurized substrate? Do you like great customer service? Do you like free shipping? Well you’re in luck! Every order is made fresh once it has been placed. We know how important it is to have fresh pasteurized substrate, trust us!

Our team thrives in customer service, but you can be the judge of that. Also, did we mention free shipping is included for U.S. residents only. So do yourself a favor, and order today- you deserve it!

MyCo Coirs- we are loco, for the coco!


    Our premium pasteurized substrate, uses the finest organic ingredients.


    Orders are shipped using USPS 3-day priority mail!


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